Laurent Maes is born in Belgium, architect, designer and photographer, he lives in Brussels and Porto.
He has taken his first photography class at the age of 13, since then he has never stop photography.
As Fine Art Contemporary Photographer, He has developed his own method of work : "A new approach leads to a new point of view".

"We saw your incredible Shipshape photo series" Camille Mann - Photo Editor for Weather Channel (USA)

"Some thoughts stay with you and a simple idea can grow on you, it push you to search, discover and invent. Aerial views of this type have been done before, but never with this level of perfection…"

With the Photographic Project SHIPSHAPE Laurent Maes offers a point of view that produces a sensation of abstraction and shows ships as graphic objects in High Definition, which allows the viewer to discover shapes and patterns or to focus in on details. This point of view doesn't usually offers this level of definition, the very high definition of pictures transforms the process of vision that becomes more analytic, abstract.
The distance with the subject creates the sensation that the "world below" is more quiet and peaceful while the level of definition creates a proximity.

Every ship has also a unique design, built to very specific demands. A ship is not a formatted object produced in large scale.
Each ship is susceptible to further changes through the influence of nature’s elements.
The moving environment is also changing constantly, because of the wind and the power of the engine’s thrust that creates waves, because of the sun or the shadows, the sea itself offers each time a new face.

"I had the chance to check out Shipshape at Photo Independent last week and was very impressed with the work" Alan Devenish - Contributor for Wired (USA)

The conjunction of all those elements makes each picture unique and results in SHIPSHAPE