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Laurent Maes is an artist from Brussels, architect and photographer.

'Ships from above' - Artist statement :

Some thoughts stay with you and a simple idea can grow on you, it can push you to search, understand, discover and explore.

Ships have always intrigued me and I think of them as a result of the human genius. I see them as floating edifices, as building blocks making their way in the blue waters of our planet’s seas and oceans.
At the same time every ship has a unique design, built to very specific demands. Each ship is different coming out of the shipyard and it is susceptible to further change through the influence of nature’s elements.
The sea itself is also changing constantly because of the winds, the sun and its reflection, the shadows cast by the spectacle of the skies and moving clouds, as well as by the power of the engine’s thrust that creates waves.
I have used a meticulous method, to present ships like engineering plans, with lots of symmetry, details, colours and sometimes with a human presence to understand and grasp the vast scale of these incredible machines and the immensity of the seas that they call home; a place on earth where there's still adventure.

All those elements make each picture unique and result in the series ‘Ships from above’.